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Government Services

What We Offer

Specialized recruiters in our Government Recruiting Network know the unique skills and requirements like DoD Secret Clearances needed in the DoD community. Our Recruiting Network is comprised of a nationwide team of recruiters dedicated to staffing your hard to fill technical requirements within the Government industry. They also have broad connections in the industry and know where to locate the best individuals in the field.

IS Solutions is a Leading Provider of Talent Acquisition Process Solutions (TAPS).

IS Solutions tailors staffing / recruiting programs and large acquisition campaigns for major Government companies worldwide. Our customers include top global organizations for which we provide global services.

IS Solutions provides the service you need to compete in today’s high-tech industry. Choosing IS Solutions to support your talent acquisition process is an important decision for any organization that requires Top Performers in High-Tech positions.

IS Solutions wants you to understand your choices and the layered, multi-channel Solutions we offer. In addition, we want to share our definition of Talent Acquisition Process Solutions (TAPS) and how this process can bring value to your organization.

All companies recognize recruiting as a critical function requiring internal management and judgment. (TAPS) is a coherent, organized approach that supplements your recruiting process.

IS Solutions support includes background checking services, external software or website hosting services, candidate sourcing, vendor management, customized administrative processes, education verification, technological support or any combination of services.

Client Benefits

    • Reduce Operation Costs
    • Focus on the Core of the Business
    • Create a Variable Cost Structure
    • Improve Quality
    • Expedite Speed-to-Market
    • Foster Innovation
    • Access to “Best in Class” Expertise and Technology


Available Components of IS Solutions (TAPS) Program

    • Staffing Management Services
    • On-Site Staffing Professionals
    • Multi-Channel Sourcing Strategy Development & Execution
    • Employee Referral Program Administration
    • Expedite Speed-to-Market
    • Direct Recruiting Services
    • Employment & Education Verification
    • Administrative Process Support
    • Talent Management / Applicant Tracking System
    • Behavioral & Trait-Based Pre-Employment Assessment
    • Skills-Based Pre-Employment Assessment
    • Employee Engagement Measurement & Retention Consulting
    • Single-Source Accountability


View the list of Government Types we provide below:


    • Project Managers
    • Contract Managers
    • Subcontract Managers
    • Pricing Manager
    • Proposal Managers
    • Recruiting Managers
    • Information Assurance Manager
    • Security Manager


    • Recruiter
    • Contract Administrators
    • Subcontract Administrators
    • Billing Administrator
    • Security Administrator

Analyst & Engineers

    • Pricing Analyst
    • Proposal Analysts
    • Financial Analyst
    • IT Analyst
    • Information Assurance Analyst
    • Safety Engineers
    • System Engineers

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