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Who We Are

IS Solutions was founded in 2012 and we have over 50 years of recruiting experience collectively. We are a boutique firm that has several different verticals such as IT, Healthcare, Professional Services and Government contracts. Our recruiters are specialized and we really listen to customers’ needs such as what they are looking for in an ideal employee, timeframe of hire and pain level. We want to find our customers the ideal candidate as fast as possible so they can move their business forward and we look for A+ talent. IS Solutions strongly believes when you find a great candidate with vision, goals and an endgame it can result in our clients being much more successful. IS Solutions specializes in small to medium size business but we also work with several Fortune 500 companies. IS Solutions is located in the Orlando area and service companies throughout the United States.
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Total Commitment to Mission Success

Our mission is to build long-term relationships with our clients by delivering cost-effective reliable solutions and highly responsive technical service. Through our efforts, recruiting networks have been developed on a national level. It is through these networks that we are able to respond quickly to your requirements and is the key component in developing innovative recruiting solutions.  As a result, we are able to supply you with the necessary talent and support needed to succeed.

Future Vision & Strategy

IS Solutions envisions becoming one of the most respected staffing services companies in the U.S.  IS Solutions vision and determination to evolve in a complex future business environment where process developments and customer expectations are continually changing, and, in that regard, continuous innovation and improvement of the services we provide are the backbone of our staffing expertise. In order to realize that vision, our strategy moving forward is to embrace technological advancements in a future stream of constantly evolving service offerings targeted to benefit our customers.  In doing so, our strategy will gain new customers without sacrificing quality of service.  Above all, flexibility is the key to empowering our expert staffing specialist across the country.

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